Learn About Starting Your Own Non-Profit

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Giving our hearts and our hopes is the fabric that creates a beautiful expression of love. Helping a stranger, and providing joy amid a sea of troubles is a thread that ties us to the better part of ourselves. At Care Cap Connections, our mission is simple: to give encouragement and love to those who need it, through the gift of soft, beautiful hats for chemotherapy patients.

Why We Help

Every Care Cap volunteer comes for different reasons. But one unifying theme among every person who chooses to make a difference is the desire to feel connected, and to help in the fight against cancer.

Making a Cap

This video will show you the start to finish process for making a cap. This process can be done by an individual, or by a group of people with different volunteers performing the various steps of the process. In order to make a cap you will need your fabric -- preferably a soft cotton material. You will need scissors, thread, a sewing needle, a sewing machine, 12 pins, and an iron.

Leading a Production Line

This video will show you the successful method for setting up your group's room so that you can work together in the most fun and efficient process. There are a total of 9 stations, though some of them are connected.Your group members will begin at the sign-in station. Here, all volunteers will sign in, and also sign cards that will accompany the caps in our final packaging.

Starting a Group

Taking a leadership role in starting a group is a highly rewarding responsibility. It takes organizational ability, a true passion for the work, and a big heart.

Becoming a Recognized Charity

Starting your own volunteer group is a fulfilling experience unlike any other. It will change your life and you will make a difference. But there are several key administrative requirements that you need to know. In this video Ingram Philips sits down to share some of the critical behind the scenes knowledge that will help you lead with success.

"Feedback keeps coming in by card, letter and email.  This is from the University of Washington Medical Center thanking you all:  "Our summer teen volunteers have had some wonderful interactions...while taking a basket full of your scarves...to help brighten their (oncology patients) day."PLEASE REMEMBER:  OUR TEAMS TAKE OUR ANNUAL FALL HOLIDAY DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER.  WE DO NOT MAKE OR SHIP CAPS AGAIN UNTIL NOVEMBER."

from INGRAM PHILIPS, administrator