Where We Sew


Prospective Volunteers

If you are in our home base region—the ARKLATX--, we are in Little Rock, Hot Springs, Greenbrier, Jacksonville, Hot Springs Village, Fairfield Bay and San Antonio (TX). Periodically, we include a County Extension group in Clinton, Arkansas, the Mount Eagle, Arkansas, Retreat Center and in Greers Ferry, Arkansas. Often, churches provide the settings we need HOWEVER this is not a religious program or denominational. We utilize public facilities with ample floor space and good lighting, plenty of electrical outlets, tables and chairs—often, with a refreshment area or kitchen—rooms of about 900 square feet for 25-person teams.

Each Care Cap Connections™ team is different. (One of our teams is inside prison fences and another is affiliated with its medical center out-patient care.) However, the common denominator is that anyone is accepted. No task is considered unimportant. No one person’s place is more special. We are united—united in the task of giving a very wonderful gift to someone we do not even know. You can feel that sense of purpose in every care cap team. You will share the laughter. You will join all in the inner joy.

Can you cut, iron, pin, sew, tag, bag or run errands? Are you a woman, man or youth? You fit perfectly for membership on a Care Cap team!

Prospective Leaders

"The Care Cap Way" is unique. We do not routinely send patterns. But do not be discouraged. Come and learn from Mary or call her. She will explain. You will learn, practice and take away what you need to know and to teach.

"Our heartfelt thanks to our dear friend, Robin Dean, former director of the Family Home at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences.  Robin kicked off the wonderful team there, spoke for us far afield and is one of the faces on this web site as she testified to what Care Caps has meant to her.  We know the Lord's tender hand is on Robin as she transitions from the care cap work. We love you dearly, Robin."

from INGRAM PHILIPS, administrator