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Care Cap Connections™ is a division of Volunteer America – 1776, an Arkansas-based voluntary association. We rely solely upon monetary and in-kind donations for our project. We are approved as a public charity under the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) and issue donor receipts for allowable tax deductions.

No officers, Board of Advisors or care cap project partners are paid. All service is voluntary. Nothing is sold although we ask $10 for shipping and handling of our instructional DVD on how to become your own project. (All DVD footage is free online. Just go to our nonprofit "LEARN HOW" page and click on the segments.) All care caps are given without charge to women and children undergoing chemotherapy treatments. The majority of garment production is shipped directly to cancer clinics for delivery to their patient population.

To pledge and to give to Care Cap Connections™, please fill out the form below and mail your pledge, check and/or in-kind contribution. Or feel free to use this PDF version of the form.

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"IMPORTANT NOTICE:  These web pages will be discontinued in the near future.  Their underlying technical elements are outdated plus our site has been hacked repeatedly recently. We are in discussion with our developer to update and move to a new host.  HOWEVER, a complete movement of all the current information may no longer be practical for our uses.  Our basic use now of any site will be the continuing the Quarterly Calendar.  The notices posted to our volunteers as to the place/date/time are generally of interest only to that target group.  It may be that Mary will send individual emails to each team member rather than use "Care Caps" is maxed-we do not seek to expand-not in volunteers, not in clinics to receive caps, not in production, not in financial backing, not in distribution and more.  What a blessing! Thank you all for making your contributions to the project. The web pages may not continue but Care Caps will keep shipping...   INGRAM and MARY "

from INGRAM PHILIPS, administrator