Sew Can You


If you have clicked the other buttons on this site and seen/read of Care Cap Connections™, you already know that we are really not asking everyone to join us in sewing. There are a host of tasks—all very important to us. This means, when we seek partners, we hope they share our vision and our desire to give some part of ourselves to others.

We joke with our volunteers that we will double their pay if they do a good job. In truth, none of us are paid - no officers, no board members and no workers. And, we sell nothing.

We look to individuals, businesses, government agencies and others for help. Help with our operational expenses. Contribute now or pledge to sustain our work and to expand elsewhere. We need that support in the form of direct involvement—in cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing, packaging and in various administrative and logistical ways—and we need it indirectly, too.

We need help in obtaining fabric and linings. (We only use cotton, 45”, prints for shells and solids for the linings, soft to the touch.) We need sewing and office supplies and aid with travel expenses. Places to conduct monthly sew-ins and publicity for events are always needed.

Particularly, we hope to expand our work outside of our home region. To do this, we need local leaders and local support. Care Cap Connections™ will provide our experience and periodic on-the-ground assistance should it be desired. Catch the vision! Let us help you make it happen!

Summarized: We are a unique project. Still, our requirements are those of other public charities. Care Caps needs money and people.

Consider your part. What can you give?

"2019 is a fine new project partners, increases in production and (without solicitation) financially solid.  We receive regularly grateful feedback from Care Cap receivers--patients, family members and the clinics.  Thank you all.    INGRAM and MARY "

from INGRAM PHILIPS, administrator