What We Do


From one person to hundreds… From one Care Cap™ to thousands…

The story of Care Cap Connections™ is the story of Mary Philips’ desire to help her sister, diagnosed with terminal cancer, bald from harsh but life-extending chemotherapy.

Mary could sew expertly; Linda could not. Frustrated by scratchy wigs, unattractive turbans plus the scarcity and expense of nice kerchiefs, Linda was further depressed. Baldness left her feeling “…less than a woman”; her search for comfortable and pretty head coverings drew blanks.

Mary sewed samples. Linda liked and appreciated the garments—so much that she began to give them away to others in chemo. The need began to snowball. Demand far outstripped supply.

Friends volunteered to help Mary with the project. Others heard and joined the experience.

Today, more than 1,500 women, men and young people come together under Mary’s leadership to fabricate and deliver free of charge, “Care Caps™”, a health and human services support project that reaches thousands undergoing treatments in major cancer centers.

Her vision and leadership has developed “The Care Cap Way” of cutting, pinning, sewing and packaging comfortable kerchiefs. In five years, over 34,000 caps were made for chemotherapy patients and shipped to the American Cancer Socity and cancer clinics nationwide.  By 2019, over 88,550 that we know of were produced for the cancer project.

To Mary and her helpers, a cap is a person; many, many people now receive their encouragement and love – people not even known by the workers.

In mid-2007 and 2011, Mary accepted three awards on behalf of her volunteers: the noted Arkansas Community Service trophy and citations from the Arkansas State Senate and House of Representatives. Following the 2007 presentation, in an off-the-cuff comment, the NBC television program moderator could be seen and heard on camera – his grin was infectious as he exclaimed, “That’s good stuff!”

And so it is – “good stuff” – and Mary believes it must continue.

Care Cap Connections™ is a division of Volunteer America – 1776, designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity. We are in good standing annually with the Arkansas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. All gifts are tax deductible. No officer, Board member or project partner is paid and no goods are sold.  To be very honest, we no longer actively seek donations as individuals, local groups and foundations freely give to this charity.  Amazing, isn't it?

In 2007, Mary’s sister, Linda, died. Mary’s dream and vision have not. Individuals, corporations and foundations are urged to keep this unique project alive.

"IMPORTANT NOTICE:  These web pages will be discontinued in the near future.  Their underlying technical elements are outdated plus our site has been hacked repeatedly recently. We are in discussion with our developer to update and move to a new host.  HOWEVER, a complete movement of all the current information may no longer be practical for our uses.  Our basic use now of any site will be the continuing the Quarterly Calendar.  The notices posted to our volunteers as to the place/date/time are generally of interest only to that target group.  It may be that Mary will send individual emails to each team member rather than use carecaps.org. "Care Caps" is maxed-we do not seek to expand-not in volunteers, not in clinics to receive caps, not in production, not in financial backing, not in distribution and more.  What a blessing! Thank you all for making your contributions to the project. The web pages may not continue but Care Caps will keep shipping...   INGRAM and MARY "

from INGRAM PHILIPS, administrator