Where They Go


Our care caps go to the chemotherapy clinics. A few go to individuals that we know or hear about, but, by and large, we produce, package and ship coast-to-coast to U.S. cancer clinics. By 2018, we ship 800-1,200 each month! There is no charge for the caps or the shipping.

These clinics are regular recipients:: M.D. Anderson (Houston and Orlando), St. Jude Children’s (Memphis), Wilford Hall Air Force Med Center (San Antonio), St. Vincent (Little Rock), Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute (Little Rock), Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville), Vanderbilt-Ingram (Nashville), Gilda's House (Nashville) the university medical centers at Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Utah, and Washington. CARTI (Little Rock), Conway Regional and Ozark Health (Arkansas) and the Seattle Consortium. As we have availability, we ship to other clinics around the nation and the Veteran’s Administration.

We are set up as teams and in a "continuous production line". One team may begin the process and another may finish it. Our group effort works best for us. As a result, we supply a quality-controlled garment, separately bagged for medical centers, packed in bulk and shipped on an agreed-upon schedule. This is "The Care Cap Way"...and we are very protective of it.  We make every cap with an energy that is alive and filled with love.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The Winthrop Rockefeller Cancer Institute at Little Rock has its own monthly sew-in team. Under Mary's direction, they sew all their garments (and even give us any surplus) at the UAMS Family Home. The UAMS Cancer Auxiliary there provided a wonderful 6X12 cargo trailer in 2016 for our use (Ebenezer II). 

"2019 is a fine new year...new project partners, increases in production and (without solicitation) financially solid.  We receive regularly grateful feedback from Care Cap receivers--patients, family members and the clinics.  Thank you all.    INGRAM and MARY "

from INGRAM PHILIPS, administrator